Blank Printable Discs

Grade-A optical CD/DVD media is what we provide to make sure your disc projects are perfect from the beginning. To be classified as "Grade A," recordable discs must meet high standards for data integrity, storage life, performance, and have a low percentage of error rates. We carry a wide variety of printable CD/DVD surfaces from the finest manufacturers including our own USDM brand, Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden, and more.

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US Digital Media Discs

The complete line of USDM brand of blank CD and DVD recordable media means there is something for everyone and every need. From Super to Supreme discs, the USDM brand offers a full line of recordable media of all types. Our media is available with an assortment of CD and DVD printable surfaces, including Photo Finish inkjet discs, as well as many great thermal printable discs. Be sure to check out our mini, business card, and colored discs as well!
Taiyo Yuden/JVC Discs Logo

Taiyo Yuden/JVC Discs

An industry leader in reliability and integrity, Taiyo Yuden offers a broad variety of blank CD and DVD media from. Consumers trust Taiyo Yuden quality for the latest in inkjet or thermal printable CDs, DVDs, Watershield discs, and more.
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Verbatim Discs

Known for their commitment to quality in manufacturing processes of CD and DVD discs, Verbatim continues to impress with their evolution of optical media. From high quality inkjet, thermal and Lightscribe printable CD and DVDs, to and HD DVD recordable discs, Verbatim is a leader in reliability.
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LightScribe Discs

These unique and exceptional discs combine high quality blank recordable media with a specially coated top surface that allows for text and artwork to be etched into the disc surface. This highly durable option uses no ink.