Code of Conduct

Our Vision and Values
Code of Conduct Enabling human potential is the ultimate benefit of technology and the driving force behind everything we do at U.S. Digital Media. We believe that with access to the right tools and skills, people, organizations, and communities can reach their full potential and achieve just about anything. Our vision drives the way we approach and engage our communities, our people, and our planet; achieving commercial success in ways that respect all people and our natural environment. We are committed to doing business ethically, with integrity, and in accordance with the law, as well as our own stringent Code of Conduct; domestically and throughout the world.

Our Mission
Our goal is to deliver the latest technologies with the most up to date knowledge in the evolving industry of media storage, reproduction, and mobile peripheral products. We believe our clients deserve an exceptional experience, which we are committed to providing with a combination of strong supplier and client relationships.

Our Code of Conduct encompasses the following sections, as set forth by the Fair Labor Association:

  1. Labor & Human Rights
  2. Health & Safety
  3. Environmental Impact
  4. Ethics

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