US Digital Media Discs

US Digital Media Brand Media

US Digital Media Brand Discs

US Digital Media Brand Discs

At US Digital Media we realize our customers depend on high quality CD/DVD media to get their jobs done right. That is exactly why we offer only Grade-A recordable media in a variety of types and printable surfaces. US Digital Media guarantees that all CD/DVD media we sell is Grade-A and will perform to the highest media quality standards.

White Printable CD-R
silver CD-R
White Thermal CD-R
GoldArchive CD-R
Silver CD-R



Disc Types

We have the media type for any of your duplicator needs. The US Digital Media line of digital discs offers the best value with great quality. From standard CD-R discs to high end Blu-ray discs as well as mini discs.


Whatever printing equipment you use, we stock the most common printable CD/DVD discs for all types of printers and print processes. Choose from white or silver inkjet, thermal, Everest/P-55 printable, and shiny silver discs. For the best results with your inkjet printer, try our Photo Finish with Smudge Guard discs for an amazing, high-gloss finish, that won't rub off.

Shapes and Colors

In addition to full size discs, we also carry miniature CDs and DVDs, business card "hockey rink" CDs, and an assortment of colored CDs. For your specialty media needs, US Digital Media has got you covered.