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Flash Pac® USB Cases

Meet the Flash Pac®, the versatile new case for USB flash drives! These cases are exclusive to US Digital Media! The Flash Pac® cases make distributing USB flash drives easy because they hold up to 3 USB drives and caps securely in place during transport. There are also booklet clips for inserting promotional literature to make sure that your top line data is instantly available. The case exterior features a vinyl sleeve for holding printed entrapments.

Case Varieties:
Flash Pac USB Adhesive Dock Flash Pac USB Mini drive Case Flash Pac USB drive Case Flash Pac USB 3 drive Case Flash Pac USB plus Disc Case


  • Outer sleeve
  • Insert clips for additional material
  • Holds USB drives and caps for safe and attractive display
  • Accepts standard inserts and entrapments for "do it yourself" printing
  • Several options give flexibility to store USB drives, discs, and more
  • Case dimensions are the perfect size for retail shelves and racks


Flash Pac USB Cases are perfect for in-house distribution of media and technical data as well as high profile marketing materials. Great for:

  • Orientation Packets
  • Marketing Events
  • End-of-Year Recaps
  • Annual Reports
  • Software Distribution
  • Much More…

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