Virtual Reality Headset

VR Headset Support


Thank you for using the VR-100 Virtual Reality (VR) Headset. We hope you enjoy them!

I. Product Overview
II. Basic Operation
III. Product Information
IV. Troubleshooting

Download Quick Start Guide (PDF)



  • Adjustable Straps
  • Easy Phone Loading
  • Soft Cushion
  • Adjustable PD (Pupil Distance)
  • Adjustable Focus


  • Additional Bluetooth® remote not included
  • Not for use longer that 30 minutes
  • Not for children under 12, minors should have adult supervision
  • Apps and/or games used may have side effects, caution is advised
  • Be aware of your surroundings while using, do not walk or move to avoid injury to yourself or others


VR headsets uses a smartphone in split screen mode to produce an image for the left and right eye creating a virtual 3D experience. Use this device with your mobile device and enjoy multimedia content and Apps.

  • Protectors are installed on the VR Lenses - remove these protector sheets before you use the VR Headset so you can see clearly. (headset cushion side)
  • Straps on the headset can be adjusted with Velcro ends for a secure but comfortable fit.
  • Extra pads can be used in the phone placement area
  • Cloth wipe is used for gently cleaning lenses
  • Front of VR Headset hinges open from the top for device insertion
  • Smartphone is inserted into a centered position in the spring adjustment bracket, with screen facing the inside of the headset.
Open front of headset and insert mobile phone in tray.
  • The PD wheel on top of the headset is used to adjust the width of the lenses to your eyes
Pupil distance adjustment wheel on top and center of headset.
  • Wheels on sides of the headset are for focal adjustment, adjusts the distance between the smartphone device and the headset lenses.
focus distance adjustment wheel on either side of headset.

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  • Supports phones with 3.5” to 6” screen size
  • Inter Pupillary distance: 58 – 68mm
  • Adjustable pupil and object distance
  • Up to 5mm of myopic compensation

troubleshooting icon


  • No volume- check the mobile device volume setting.
  • Can’t see screen- make sure the screen is facing the lenses, make sure screen is active.
  • Uncomfortable while using- Check strap adjustments, make sure device is centered in bracket.
  • Uncomfortable while using- Check strap adjustments, make sure device is centered in bracket.