Bluetooth® Wireless Stereo Headphone

BZ-100 Bluetooth Wireless Headphone Support


Thank you for using the BZ-100 Bluetooth® Wireless Stereo Headphones. We hope you enjoy them!

I. Product Overview
II. Basic Operation
III. Product Information



  • Expandable Headband
  • Volume Control & Microphone
  • Swivel Earcup


  1. The headset is not waterproof. Keep water or moisture away from Headphones.
  2. Use the charging cord USB adaptor only with a computer’s USB port to charge it.
  3. Maximize battery life by charging the headphones once a week.


Black bluetooth headphones.


  1. To connect to Bluetooth mode, press EQ inward and look for light blue indicator that alternates with green color. Wait a few moments for the headphones to be in Bluetooth mode.
  2. On a phone, turn on its Bluetooth service and scan for paired devices.
  3. Look for listing that says “BZ-100”. Click on the BZ-100 to connect. The headset indicator will blink light green when it connects successfully. Note: On some phones, it may be needed to enter password (0000).


Insert card into headset’s card slot. Connect to read card mode by pressing EQ inwards and look for blinking light green indicator. The headphone automatically decodes audio format files that can be played.


Turn off the headset before charging. Connect charging cable to the headset and USB adaptor to a charging unit (a USB port on a computer). Successfully connected when red indicator lights up. When indicator light turns off, charging is done. Note: Headset has built-in battery capacity detection system with overload safety protection.

Low battery -- Power is low when indicator light blinks green, red and blue alternately. Charge headset as soon as possible. CAUTION:Do not interrupt process of charging the headset’s power; otherwise, the headset hardware and battery life can be damaged.

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  • Model #:
  • BZ-100

  • Type:
  • Headset

  • Micro SD/TF:
  • Supported

  • Max Support:
  • 16G

  • Speaker Material:
  • NdFeB

  • Specification:
  • Φ40mm

  • Sensitivity:
  • 105±3 dB

  • Distortion:
  • <1% At 1K Hz

  • Power:
  • 30 mW

  • Frequency:
  • 20-20K Hz

  • Resistance:
  • 32 Ω

  • Recognition:
  • Capacitance

  • Lifetime:
  • >6 Hours

  • Charge Port:
  • USB

  • Standby Time:
  • >180 Hours

  • Charge Time:
  • >3 Hours

  • Standby Current:
  • 0.5-0.6mA

  • Charge Current:
  • 500mA

  • Battery Type:
  • Lithium

  • Charge Voltage:
  • 5V

  • Battery Capacity:
  • 400mAH

  • Temperature:
  • 15℃ To 35℃

  • Product Size:
  • 70 x 180 x 165

  • N.W:
  • ~214 g


  • EQ
  • Bluetooth, Card mode
  • Press switch in to switch between TF card (Micro SD) and Bluetooth modes

  • + , -
  • Volume+, Volume-
  • Press right or left to increase or decrease Volume

  • ← / →
  • Previous/next
  • Press right or left to switch song

  • ►❙❙
  • Play / Pause, Connect / Hang Up
  • Play or Pause Music, Call or Hang up Phone

  • on / off
  • Power on / off
  • Turn on or off the Headphones

  • sd card icon
  • TF card slot
  • Insert TF Card (Micro SD) to play MP3 songs

  • I/O
  • Audio I/O Interface
  • Connect external device to audio input, connect audio output to external speakers

  • DCIN 5V
  • Charging
  • Connect with DC IN 5V power charger