HR-100 Bluetooth® Receiver with BudBag & Earbuds

The Bluetooth® Receiver from AudioSpice will turn nearly any wired device or stereo into a Bluetooth® product. The Bluetooth® Receiver comes with a pair of Scorch Earbuds and a BudBag and sports your custom logo. The Receiver features a clip for convenient on-the-go use. Simply open up the Bluetooth® menu on your device and connect to “HR-100” to use the Bluetooth® Receiver.


  • Turns any 3.5 mm device into a Bluetooth® enabled product
  • Bluetooth® version 3.0
  • Can answer or reject phone calls
  • Comes with Scorch Earbuds and BudBag
  • Usage up to 30’
  • Power supply: DC 3.7V
  • Input : 5V
  • Size: 54mm x 20mm x 16mm
Brand: AudioSpice