US Digital Media Introduces Unique Packaging Option For USB Drives

Phoenix, AZ - US Digital Media has introduced a signature plastic case for packaging and distributing USB drives. The Flash Pac™ case provides a sturdy yet inexpensive means for distributing USB flash drives with promotional literature and additional content such as discs and additional flash drives.

The Flash Pac™ case has several advantages over existing USB packaging products. It is the same height as a Blu-ray case and the same depth as a standard DVD case, which makes it compatible with existing shelves, store displays, and wrapping equipment. This reduced-size format is growing in popularity in the video game and home entertainment industries and is quickly becoming a favorite choice with consumers.

Additionally, the dimensions of the Flash Pac™ case make it compatible with existing printable materials such as covers and inserts. The Flash Pac™ can accommodate an outer entrapment and it has plastic clips inside for securing inserts or booklet materials.

The Flash Pac™ case brings order to the non-standardized world of USB flash drives. It provides a safe and secure means to distribute USB drives in one-drive, three-drive, and one drive plus one full size (120mm) disc configurations. An internal slot fits almost every USB drive, including those with removable caps. This case gives the media storage industry a much-needed packaging option that is both practical and easy to use.

US Digital Media has a long standing in the CD and DVD industry with years of industry experience and knowledge of data storage products and services. They offer a wide selection of custom USB flash drives, packaging, printing, data copying and more. They also offer a full line of duplication equipment and supplies in stock and at competitive prices. Count on US Digital Media for Complete Media Solutions.